Terms and ConĀ­diĀ­tions of use

Below are the Terms and ConĀ­diĀ­tions for use of wwwā€‹.farā€‹mā€‹gateā€‹corkā€‹.ie. Please read these careĀ­fully. If you need to conĀ­tact us regardĀ­ing any aspect of the folĀ­lowĀ­ing terms of use of our webĀ­site, please conĀ­tact us on [email address ā€” enable javascript to view].

By accessĀ­ing the conĀ­tent of wwwā€‹.farā€‹mā€‹gateā€‹corkā€‹.ie ( hereĀ­after referred to as the webĀ­site ) you agree to the terms and conĀ­diĀ­tions set out herein and also accept our PriĀ­vacy PolĀ­icy. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conĀ­diĀ­tions you should not conĀ­tinue to use the WebĀ­site and leave immediately.

You agree that you shall not use the webĀ­site for any illeĀ­gal purĀ­poses, and that you will respect all applicĀ­aĀ­ble laws and regulations.

You agree not to use the webĀ­site in a way that may impair the perĀ­forĀ­mance, corĀ­rupt or manipĀ­uĀ­late the conĀ­tent or inforĀ­maĀ­tion availĀ­able on the webĀ­site or reduce the overĀ­all funcĀ­tionĀ­alĀ­ity of the website.

You agree not to comĀ­proĀ­mise the secuĀ­rity of the webĀ­site or attempt to gain access to secured areas of the webĀ­site or attempt to access any senĀ­siĀ­tive inforĀ­maĀ­tion you may believe exist on the webĀ­site or server where it is hosted.

You agree to be fully responĀ­siĀ­ble for any claim, expense, losses, liaĀ­bilĀ­ity, costs includĀ­ing legal fees incurred by us arisĀ­ing from any infringeĀ­ment of the terms and conĀ­diĀ­tions in this agreeĀ­ment and to which you will have agreed if you conĀ­tinue to use the website.

The reproĀ­ducĀ­tion, disĀ­triĀ­bĀ­uĀ­tion in any method whether online or offline is strictly proĀ­hibĀ­ited. The work on the webĀ­site and the images, logos, text and other such inforĀ­maĀ­tion is the propĀ­erty of wwwā€‹.farā€‹mā€‹gateā€‹corkā€‹.ie ( unless othĀ­erĀ­wise stated ).


Though we strive to be comĀ­pletely accuĀ­rate in the inforĀ­maĀ­tion that is preĀ­sented on our site, and attempt to keep it as up to date as posĀ­siĀ­ble, in some cases, some of the inforĀ­maĀ­tion you find on the webĀ­site may be slightly outdated.

wwwā€‹.farā€‹mā€‹gateā€‹corkā€‹.ie reserves the right to make any modĀ­iĀ­fiĀ­caĀ­tions or corĀ­recĀ­tions to the inforĀ­maĀ­tion you find on the webĀ­site at any time withĀ­out notice.

Change to the Terms and ConĀ­diĀ­tions of Use

We reserve the right to make changes and to revise the above menĀ­tioned Terms and ConĀ­diĀ­tions of use.

Last Revised: 09-ā€‹16-ā€‹2020


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